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Pen Maen Wern, Cambrian Mountains

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Pen Maen - Wern II - PAN1616

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Pen Maen - Wern Overlooking Drygarn Fawr in the Cambrian Mountians. Pen Maen - Wern has a quartz standing stone which is about 4.5ft high, 3ft wide by 2ft deep and lies north of Drygarn Fawr at about 1.6 miles as the crow flies, unfortunately you can't take the direct route due to the abundance of deep wet peat bogs and gullies so you have to skirt around Llyn Carw to the south west before heading south and eventually heading east again up on to the summit of Drygarn. Quite often when the conditions are favourable you can see the quartz standing stone as clear as a light on the far hill from Drygarn fawr. Drygarn has a reputation for being difficult to navigate as there is little in the way of landmarks and this can make some people disorientated. Also the amount of peat bogs that have to be navigated can be quite daunting depending on which route you take. The route to Pen Maen - Wern if going via Llyn Carw from Drygarn can be very wet, this route will test the waterproofing of your boots! specially if you head down in to Cwm Rhwinant past the old lead mines.


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