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Jun 15

The Great Clearance...

Well, it's been a long 2 days! The parking space is now 6 times larger!!! Thanks Richard and Les!





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May 25

Another floor, and more self levelling compound...


Above: All holes are filled and ready for some self levelling compound...Took about 3 hours and destroyed two fake Ryobi batteries to cut away the excess step to make it level...

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May 18

Reflection on a bathroom!

Well, I just had a quick look at the photo's from nearly a year of working on the bathroom! Scary...

Above: Initial design work :-) LOL allowed to go crazy with a permanant marker...

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Apr 16

Lockdown 16th April

Just another evening on the Lockdown bench! Let the invasion of the lambs begin! So most evenings under lockdown apart from two we have been sat out watching the world go by, V22...

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Feb 17

Amroth to Pendine

Amroth to Pendine Sands and back.


Images coming shortly!

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